25th September - Singers & Musicians

23rd October - Trafalgar Weekend. Event TBC

20th November - Guest TBC

18th December - Guests TBC



Hello Everyone,

Here is the outline for this month’s Singers & Musicians Night via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 25th September, starting at 8.30pm.

The Platform will be open from 8.15pm for everyone to get comfy, tuned up & in the groove!

There will be a mid Session break about 10.00pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

The ZOOM Access Code that night will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Aggletree

(Case sensitive with no punctuation marks. Make sure you type g’s not p’s).

This is an All Comers Session so, if you want to strut your stuff, you’ll be more than welcome? Slots will be decided on the night, depending on how many show up!

Finish about Midnight.

Hope you can make it?

Yours Aye.


JULY (3)

This “Singers & Musicians” format seems to be working really well on the ZOOM platform, with plenty of Attendees as well as Audience turning up to get in the groove of being entertained by some great deliveries and lots of laughter to brighten the gloom of isolation!

Last night we had 16 Windows up & they housed 17 Artistes along with 6 Audience Members and a total of 30 Numbers were covered across the evening.

Following on from a finish that occurred 12 minutes into Yorkshire Day, the customary Whisky Club was held, during which a further 5 Numbers were delivered, in & amongst the debating topics of the night, until we wrapped the whole thing up at 01.23hrs.

All in all a most worthwhile exercise with no audio or video problems to speak of.

The Audience came from Settle (Ken & Angela Barton), California (Marlene Bumgarner), Burnley (Dave & Sheena Dick and Molly the Pooch) and Austwick (Lizz Cook) and it was good to see you all & catch up on the local happenings in your respective areas.

Entertainers comprised Lee Huck & Rebekah Findlay, Lindsey Shields, Ian & Elaine Wood, Harold Waite, Christine & Nick Scaife, Stuart Douglas, Alan Moulding, Jim & Maggie Marshall, Tom Smith (UK Ltd.) Penny Excell, John Dunleavy, Hope Pastel, Et-Al.

The benefit of having an Audience & Participants who are slightly crazy is that they have no qualms about whistling, cheering, waving their arms about and shouting abuse, all of which goes to making these virtual Sessions as close to the real thing as we can get?

Not ideal, by any means, but it’s got us through the worst of having no live Music to attend and The Mutant & me are very grateful to you all for supporting the Club throughout this pandemic.

Don’t forget, there is no 3 Peaks in August, so the next Club night will be on Saturday 25th September, starting at 8.30pm. See the FB page or this website for connection details nearer the time!

Hope to see you all again then?

Stay Well, Stay Safe & Keep Singing.

Yours Aye

Rustic & The Mutant

JULY (2)

Hello Everyone,

Here is the outline for our July Singers & Musicians Night via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 31st July, starting at 8.30pm.

The Platform will be open from 8.15pm for everyone to get comfy, tuned up & in the groove!

There will be a mid Session break about 10.00pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

The ZOOM Access Code that night will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Douglas

(Case sensitive with no punctuation marks).

This is an All Comers Session so, if you want to strut your stuff, you’ll be more than welcome? Slots will be decided on the night, depending on how many show up!

Finish about Midnight.

Hope you can make it?

JULY (1)


Purely for logistical reasons, the 3 Peaks Folk Club will now be aired on the ZOOM Platform on the LAST Saturday of each month, rather than the penultimate one.

This will take immediate effect so the July Club will be held, virtually, on Saturday 31st July.

Connection details will be posted later in the month, both on the webpage at www.3peaksfolkclub.com & on the FB Page at 3 Peaks Folk Club, Settle.

Once the Club is returned to its Live format, it will be held, as in previous years, on the penultimate Saturday each month except August. (No Club that month!)

Yours Aye. Rustic

JUNE (2)

Well, that worked rather well last night for the first of the Singers & Musicians ‘Virtual’ Sessions!

A fair turnout with a much appreciated attentive Audience, some top flight Music, lots of laughter & Craic and a rather late finish, which indicated the pleasure levels of all those in attendance.

We had a couple of “Virgins” that made an appearance too: Harry Grace from Settle as Audience and Tom Smith from Leeds as a Performer. It was very nice to welcome them both into the Peaks “Family”.

We started a little after the scheduled time because of an audio problem from a North East Performer, but were up & at it by 8.45pm and the break was reduced to 10 minutes round about 10.10pm in order to pull back some minutes ‘cos the quality was really too good to miss for any longer than that?

Two or three late arrivals also helped to swell the ranks and, to that end, it was the temporary Bar Steward of the Great Heck Boat Club, Alan Moulding, who sang us all away at a very late (for the Club) 00.39hrs.

“Mouldy” will do anything to reduce his mooring fees and the attendance in the Club is part of that deal every so often!

Nonetheless, great to see & hear him and, along with Lindsey Shields from Warrington, New Zealand (lie in ‘cos it’s Sunday morning there) and Penny Excell from Penrith (out & about spreading things until late), the compliment was swelled to 15 Artistes in 11 Windows plus 3 Audience Windows that contained the aforementioned Harry Grace, Ken & Angela Barton from Settle and David & Sheena Dicks plus Molly the Pooch from Burnley.

We hope you all enjoyed your evening?

On the Performing front were: Lee Huck & Rebekah Findlay, Thornton-le-Moor, Penny Excell, Penrith, Tom Smith, Leeds, Lizz Cook, Austwick, Lindsey Shields, NZ, Alan Moulding, York, Ian & Elaine Wood, Pontefract, Stuart Douglas, South Bradford, Christine & Nick Scaife, West Ireland, Chris Milner, Durham, Hope Pastel, Connecticut, Et-Al, Settle.

Collectively, they covered 35 numbers over the course of the Session and all were delivered with keenness & love of & for their respective instruments and the Music generally!

Controlling the mute button was the delectable “Mutant”, Hope Pastel, who wields the muting mouse with a passion and is most unforgiving if anyone cocks up!

On behalf of our esteemed Chief Steward, Tiger Cokell and the Patrons of Settle Social Club, we’d like to say Thank You for visiting the 3 Peaks Folk Club and we hope to see you again next month.

Stay Safe, Stay Well & Stay Musical.

Rustic & The Mutant

JUNE (1)

Hello Everyone,

Here is the outline for our June Singers & Musicians Night via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 19th June, starting at 8.30pm.

The Platform will be open from 8.15pm for everyone to get comfy, tuned up & in the groove!

There will be a mid Session break about 10.00pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

The ZOOM Access Code that night will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Ashfield

(Case sensitive with no punctuation marks).

This is an All Comers Session so, if you want to strut your stuff, you’ll be more than welcome? Slots will be decided on the night, depending on how many show up!

Finish about Midnight.

Hope you can make it?

MAY (2)

What a first rate Concert Night that was last night. Cheered everyone up on what is fast becoming the wettest & coldest May for donkey’s years?

Absolutely packed with terrific Music, Song & Laughter from all our very talented Support Artistes and, after claiming nerves following such a long lay off from gigging, our Guests, LEE HUCK & REBEKAH FINDLAY maintained the light hearted theme throughout their 2 allotted Sets!

Everyone more or less adhered to the awkward timing slots over the course of the evening and we concluded the Concert only 1 minute over the scheduled time. Our grateful thanks to all you Artistes for your consideration in that regard. It makes my job a lot easier when that happens.

A slight change to the accepted Concert format for these virtual ones was that Lee & Beks got a first Set of 40 minutes, which they concluded right on the dot, rather than 35 mins & one of our Supports appeared twice in the 2nd half because she lives in New Zealand and, while we’re enjoying an evening of entertainment between 7.45pm & Midnight here, it’s 6.45 am to 11 am on Sunday morning down there & she needs a lie in these days?

So Lindsey Shields opened the 2nd half & was the Lead-In Support for our Guests, thereby delivering the same number of Songs as the other Supports.

It worked well too!

We had a mysterious “Window” on the platform for most of the evening that was blacked out & muted but carried the Identification number MYA-L11. If anyone wishes to admit to that number it would be nice to know who you are so I can mention you in the edit to this Post? PM me or use the Facebook Club Page if you wish?

So, in Support of our Guests, Lee & Rebekah from Thornton-le-Moor, last night were: Pete “Luvvie” Ivatts from Scholes nr. Leeds, Ian & Elaine Wood from Pontefract, Jeff Wright from Settle, Stuart Douglas from South Bradford, Alan Moulding from York & Great Heck (he’s on a boat!) & Lindsey Shields from Warrington nr. Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand.

In the Audience were: Angela & Ken Barton from Settle, Nick & Christine Scaife from Eire, Harold Waite from Osmotherley, Jim & Maggie Marshall from Outibridge, Sheffield, Lizz Cook , this time from nr. Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, John Dunleavy from Middlesbrough and, of course, the aforementioned MYA-L11

The hard working “Mutant” was, as always, Hope Pastel from Vernon, CT and the Master of Ceremonies was a passing vagrant from Upper Settle with very unkempt hair!

A total of 14 Windows then with 10 in the Audience and around 50 numbers Performed by both Guests & Supports. A worthy Concert indeed and all for FREE!

Next month, Saturday 19th June, we’re holding our first “Singers & Musicians” night on the virtual platform, simply because we don’t know what may happen between now & then with regard to Covid, so keep an eye on the Page & Website for any updates and ZOOM connection details?

Any future Guests will be notified in due course as developments unfold.

That’s it for the now except to say Thanks again for joining us at The 3 Peaks Folk Club, Settle.

Stay Safe & Keep Singing!

Yours Aye.

Rustic & The Mutant

MAY (1)

Hello Everyone,

Here is the outline for our April Concert via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 22nd May and starring LEE HUCK & REBEKAH FINDLAY as our Special Guests.

The Concert will commence at 7.45pm with Support Acts and that is the official Concert start time!! The Session will be open from 7.15pm for any chats or catch up’s to be taken care of.

We will also be taking a 25 minute break sometime between 9.00pm & 10.00pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

The ZOOM Access Code that night will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Gilgoley

(Case sensitive with no punctuation marks).

Hope you can make it? 


It has been noted that some people trying to join the Concert on ZOOM on 17th April had difficulty in joining because a statement that read “Authenticated Users Only May Join” appeared when they logged in?

This was because ZOOM had updated the Host settings and a previously unused check box had been inadvertently checked by the Administrator.

This has now been rectified and apologies are extended to anyone who couldn’t join, thereby missing out on another great little Concert night!

We hope to see you again in the future at the 3 Peaks Folk Club?


A relatively quiet evening for our April Concert this month, probably because the easing of lockdown measures here in the UK mean the pubs are open again, albeit externally only!

Added to the fact that we’re now in British Summer Time & the evenings are much lighter ‘til quite late, others had maybe gone for a garden visit or a BBQ in a park somewhere?

Notwithstanding, the Concert was of the usual high standard featuring our Special Guests, IAN & ELAINE WOOD who lent their customary fully skilled talents to the task at hand and entertained us with a very fine & well balanced set list throughout their allotted 75 minutes and then some. Knowing them as I have, for so many years, the way they bounce off each other when playing such a variety of instruments, is great to hear and the facial expressions of both when a slight error is made on occasion, is just such good fun to witness that any sins are readily forgiven by an attentive Audience.

Added to the enjoyment last night was the fact that Elaine won the “Emmy Lou Harris” lookalike competition hands down and walked away with the ringing of applause in her ears for so doing!

A really tight performance from them then, ably backed up by some well accomplished Support Acts for both halves, comprising Lindsey Shields from Dunedin F/C, New Zealand, Stuart Douglas from South Bradford, Christine & Nick Scaife from the Republic of Ireland, Derek & Anne Reed from Bishop Auckland, Alan Moulding from Great Heck & York and, for a complete change from the norm, the Mutant aka Hope Pastel from Vernon, Connecticut and the rudest M/C on the planet, Jeff Wright from Settle F/C.

In the Audience, clapping, waving arms & generally being very enthusiastic with the cheering were: Lizz Cook from Austwick, Harold Waite from Osmotherly, .Lee Huck & Rebekah Findlay from Thornton-le-Moor (on a busman’s holiday) Russell & Ali Barnes from Essex, pete Ivatts from Scholes, Jim & Maggie Marshall from Oughtibridge, Sheffield and John Dunleavy from Middlesbrough.

A total of 14 Windows up then, which housed 22 of us and the night finished at a couple of minutes past the Witching Hour.

All told, a cracking little Concert, much enjoyed by all there. Our grateful thanks to Ian & Elaine for a fine performance, to all the Support Acts for giving of their time & talents and, particularly, to the Audience for staying the course & supporting the 3 Peaks Folk Club through these difficult times.

The May Club night will be on Saturday 22nd May but, as yet, we have no Guest confirmed.

Further details will be forthcoming in due course.


Hello Everyone,

Here is the outline for our April Concert via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 17th April and starring 

IAN & ELAINE WOOD as our Special Guests.

The Concert will commence at 7.45pm with Support Acts and that is the official Concert start time!! The Session will be open from 7.15pm for any chats or catch up’s to be taken care of.

We will also be taking a 20 minute break sometime between 9.00pm & 10.00pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

The ZOOM Access Code that night will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Raffles

(Case sensitive with no punctuation marks).

Hope you can make it? 


A very well attended Concert last night featuring our first International Guest of the year,

LINDSEY SHIELDS, from South Island, New Zealand.

A slightly worrying soundcheck before we started indicated Lindsey had problems on her audio output, but by the time she started her first set the problem had rectified itself & the rest of the night went off without a hitch for her.

A nicely diverse choice of material had been chosen for her Concert and her performance was well received & appreciated by all on the platform.

Bearing in mind that the start time here was Sunday morning in NZ, Lindsey didn’t let that phase her & having an early breakfast clearly paid off?

We were also delighted to welcome to the Peaks quite a few new faces who joined us from all over the place and by the end of the night were all feeling well pleased with the experience, showing much appreciated applause, cheering & waving of arms etc. at every opportunity.

In total, we had 24 Windows running and they housed 38 Occupants including our line up of Support Acts for the evening.

Appearing in Support were several of the Club regulars and they were: Derek & Anne Reed, Stuart Douglas, Alan Moulding, Jim & Maggie Marshall, Ian & Elaine Wood and Rebekah Findlay (making a rare Solo appearance!)

In the Audience were: Lois & Pete Leber, John Dunleavy, David & Sheena Dicks, Harold Waite, Sue & Ilmar Zemaitis, Ken & Angela Barton, Christine & Dylan Summers, Lee Huck, Hope Pastel, Lizz Cook, John Steward, Russell & Ali Barnes, Pete Ivatts, Nick & Christine Scaife, Norman McLaren, Penny Excell, Josephine & Mark Humphreys, Angie & Ron Archer & Jeff Wright.

Points of origin for Attendees were scattered about the globe including: North America (Connecticut), South Bradford, Settle, Castleford, Helperby, Pontefract, Republic of Ireland, Bishop Aukland, Leeds, Thornton le Moor, Blubberhouses, Osmotherly, Burnley, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Coggeshall (Essex), Austwick, Derbyshire (Peak District), plus our Special Guest from Warrington, New Zealand.

On behalf of “The Mutant” who works so hard keeping everyone in line, Tiger Cokell, Chief Steward to the Landed Gentry, all the Staff & Members of Settle Social Club and myself, we hope you enjoyed your visit to the 3 Peaks Folk Club this month and the entertainment laid on for you?

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Next month’s Special Guests will be those two “Old Stagers” from Pontefract, IAN & ELAINE WOOD aka “Lord & Lady Gaviscon Ponty-Penn”!

The date for that is Saturday 17th April and details will be on both the FB Page at 3 Peaks Folk Club, Settle and on the website at www.3peaksfolkclub.com

Thanks again for joining us at The 3 Peaks Folk Club, Settle.

Stay Safe & Keep Singing!

Yours Aye.

Rustic & The Mutant


Hello Everyone,

Here is the outline for our March Concert via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 20th March and starring LINDSEY SHIELDS from New Zealand as our Special Guest.

The Concert will commence at 7.45pm with Support Acts and that is the official Concert start time!! The Session will be open from 7.15pm for any chats or catch up’s to be taken care of.

We will also be taking a 20 minute break sometime between 9.00pm & 10.00pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

The ZOOM Access Code that night will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Locklifter

(Case sensitive with no punctuation marks).

Hope you can make it?


It appears that there were several of you had trouble getting on the platform for the 3 Peaks Concert last Saturday, including our Special Guests?

In the event this happens in the future here is the remedy if you fail to connect to the Sessions at the first attempt:

One thing to bear in mind about getting on ZOOM is that, if for any reason your first attempt fails and you click on "Retry", you MUST wait for 10 minutes before re-entering the Access Code & Pass Code.

Failure to wait for that 10 mins will automatically extend the waiting time by 10 minutes each time you try.

An alternative fast fix is to turn OFF your device & router and re-boot both before attempting to access the Session again!

That's it. Good Luck!


  A very unnerving start to the February Concert night when our Special Guests, JIM & MAGGIE MARSHALL, failed to connect until the first 3 Support Acts had been & gone.

They had to change their device for an older model, use a remote mounted webcam & rely on the power of prayer to follow with their own 1st Set. So much for having a Soundcheck in the afternoon?

There was no need to worry because their set up, both audio & video, was spot on and they gave a very fine Concert over both sets and were very entertaining indeed.

Maggie is known for her superb sultry “Ertha Kitt” type deliveries and her range of material covered almost the whole of the 20th century, from Cole Porter to The Beatles.

Likewise, Jim demonstrated some superb guitar work throughout, showing why he is so much in demand via the teaching videos he puts out on You Tube!

His delightful singing style was faultless and, like Maggie, his range of chosen material was just incredible.

Our line up of well skilled Support Acts undoubtedly enthused the Marshall’s to up their game because the Support quality was also first rate and well received by an attentive Audience.

In total, we had 17 Windows running and they housed 26 Occupants .A fair turnout for the 2nd Concert of the year?

In Support were: Lindsey Shields, Nick & Christine Scaife, Pete Ivatts, Derek & Anne Reed, Stuart Douglas & Alan Moulding.

In the Audience were: Lois Leber, John Dunleavy, David & Sheena Dicks, Harold Waite, Elaine & Ian Wood, Sue & Ilmar Zemaitis, Marlene Bumgarner, Ken & Angela Barton,

Lee Huck & Rebekah Findlay, Hope Pastel & Jeff Wright.

Attendees came from all over the dolly shop, including: New Zealand, North America (Connecticut & Santa Cruz), South Bradford, Settle, Castleford, Pontefract,

Republic of Ireland, Bishop Aukland, Leeds, Thornton le Moor, Blubberhouses, Osmotherly, Burnley, Middlesbrough plus our Guests from Sheffield.

On behalf of “The Mutant”, Tiger Cokell, Steward to the Landed Gentry, all the Staff & Members of Settle Social Club and myself, we hope you enjoyed your visit to the 3 Peaks Folk Club this month and the entertainment laid on for you?

Next month’s Special Guest will be the fabulous Singer/Songwriter, LINDSEY SHIELDS, from Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand, who will be appearing courtesy of Qantas Airlines & the Western California Shipping Company!

The date for that is Saturday 20th March and details will be on both the FB Page at 3 Peaks Folk Club, Settle and on the website at www.3peaksfolkclub.com

Thanks again for joining us at The 3 Peaks Folk Club, Settle.

Stay Safe & Keep Singing!

Yours Aye.

Rustic & The Mutant


As this lockdown looks set to continue, here is the outline for our February Concert via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 20th February and starring

JIM & MAGGIE MARSHALL as our Special Guests.

There will be a change to the normal start time for the Concert night, now 7.45pm and that is the actual Concert start time!! The Session will be open from 7.15pm for any chats or catch up’s to be taken care of.

We will also be taking a 20 minute break sometime between 9.00pm & 10.00pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

The ZOOM Access Code that night will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Tiger

(Case sensitive with no punctuation marks).

Hope you can make it?


A highly entertaining Club night last night for the first “Virtual” Concert of the year and a fair old turnout of Supporters & Musicians to boot!

Our Special Guest, ALAN MOULDING, delivered a first rate brace of sets and demonstrated some class guitar playing as well as vocals and all done from the inside of his VW Camper van, his home away from home, because he can’t get back to his narrowboat during lockdown!

Alan was ably assisted by a fine line up of Support Artistes who all demonstrated their own entertainment skills to a very respectful Audience.

In total, we had 20 Windows running and they housed 31 Occupants. Not bad for a cold January night?

In Support were: Steve Murray, Ian & Elaine Wood, Lindsey Shields, Nick & Christine Scaife, Pete Ivatts, Derek & Anne Reed & Stuart Douglas.

In the Audience were: Jim & Maggie Marshall, Lois Leber, John Dunleavy, David & Sheena from Burnley, Harold Waite, Angie & Ron Archer, Sue & Ilmar Zemaitis, Marlene Bumgarner, Lizz Cook, Ken & Angela Barton, Lee Huck & Rebekah Findlay, Hope Pastel & Jeff Wright.

Attendees came from all points of the compass & we had folks from New Zealand, North America (Connecticut & Santa Cruz), South Bradford, Settle, York, Castleford, Pontefract, Republic of Ireland, Bishop Aukland, Leeds, Thornton le Moor, Austwick, Blubberhouses, Egglescliffe, Osmotherly, Burnley, Middlesbrough & Sheffield.

After the tumultuous week just passed, it was a delight to see & hear you all in good spirits and we look forward to seeing you all again next month, when our Guests will be the seasoned Entertainers, Jim & Maggie Marshall from Oughtibridge, Sheffield. The date for that will be Saturday 20th February.

Watch for details of that on either the FB Page at 3 Peaks Folk Club, Settle or on the website at www.3peaksfolkclub.com

Thanks again for joining us at The 3 Peaks Folk Club, Settle.

Stay Safe & Keep Singing!

Yours Aye.

Rustic & The Mutant


Hello & a Happy New Year to all our Supporters.

Here is the outline for our January Concert via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 23rd January and starring ALAN MOULDING as our Special Guest..

There will be a change to the normal start time for the Concert night, now 7.45pm and that is the actual Concert start time!! The Session will be open from 7.15pm for any chats or catch up’s to be taken care of.

We will also be taking a 20 minute break sometime between 9.00pm & 10.00pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

The ZOOM Access Code that night will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Fretboard 

(Case sensitive with no punctuation marks).

Hope you can make it?



Morning All,

A brilliant end to a miserable year was experienced by everyone at the ‘Virtual’ 3 Peaks “Christmas Special” last night, which not only featured our Special Guest STUART DOUGLAS from South Bradford (If You Please?), but a range of stunning Support Acts to lend him a hand through the evening!

A fine selection of Christmas Hats, Mince Pies, Sausage Rolls & Mulled Wine were on display in several windows and the odd Christmas Carol or three were sung with gusto!

Added to that, a sizeable Audience got themselves ensconced in good time to be entertained by some of the finest Musicians around today?

We had no Audio or Video problems from anyone on the platform and the Musical balance was spot on for the occasion. We’ve all experienced some hiccup or other during this year of ZOOM or other medium to get together on, but there was none of it last night. A first rate Concert with timings being on the dot as well!

Thanks to all the Performers for being so slick & professional.

Starting at the earlier time of 7.45pm and concluding at 7 mins past Midnight (including Stuart’s Encore and the mid Session interval) the programme was followed to perfection, which makes the Mutants and my job much easier!

As Audience then, we had: “Spinning” Lizz Cook, Sue & Ilmar Zemaitis, Thelma “Thermal” & Colin Winder, Nick & Christine Scaife, Margaret Douglas, Harold “Warbling” Waite, Jim & Maggie Marshall, Penny Excell, Frank & Julie Auffret, John “1 E” Dunleavy & “Rocket” Ron Archer.

Our Support Acts were made up of: Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick, Ian & Elaine Wood, Lindsey Shields, Alan Moulding, Angie Archer, Martin Bradburn, Derek & Anne Reed and Lee Huck & Rebekah Findlay.

The Special Guest of the night, Stuart Douglas, performed two 35 minute sets plus Encore to perfection and gave a good insight into how to play the guitar without really moving your fingers. Brilliant stuff!

Seriously though, a top quality delivery from a top quality Performer & Entertainer. He will be back at the Peaks in the future, no doubt!

All that lot were squeezed into 19 windows on the platform, but they didn’t look at all uncomfortable?

Lizz Cook even had enough room to bring her spinning wheel into her window!

Window occupants came from all over the place including Warrington, South Island, New Zealand (Lindsey), Vancouver, British Columbia (Frank & Sense), Penrith, Ravenstonedale, Middlesbrough, Whitby, Egglescliffe, Sheffield, Osmotherley, Thornton le Dale, Blubberhouses, Austwick, Bishop Aukland, Carthorpe, Pontefract & Castleford.

Our first Guest of 2021, again on the ZOOM platform, will be Alan Moulding from York and that will be Saturday 23rd January. Further details to follow!

On behalf of the organizers of the 3 Peaks Folk Club, the Steward, Tiger Cokell and all the Staff at the Settle Social Club, Hope & myself would like to wish all our staunch Supporters as Merry a Christmas as you can have in these troubled times and, even though we won’t be able to raise a dram in person, a Very, Very Happy New Year.

Hope you enjoyed last night’s Concert as much as we did?

Yours Aye.

Rustic & The Mutant


Here is the outline for the Christmas Special Concert via ZOOM to be held on Saturday 19th December and starring STUART DOUGLAS as our Special Guest..

There will be a change to the normal start time for the Concert night, now 7.45pm and that is the actual start time!! The Session will be open from 7.15pm for any chats or catch up’s to be taken care of.

We will also be taking a 20 minute break sometime between 9.45pm & 10.05pm to stretch legs, take comfort breaks, re-charge glasses & the like.

If as many of you as possible could sport any Christmas Hats, Tinsel, other Festive clobber and an odd sleigh bell or three, that would be much appreciated? 

The ZOOM Access Code will be 2147539297 and the Pass Code will be Mistletoe (Case sensitive with no punctuation marks).

Hope you can make it?


Morning All,

It was certainly a nice, well attended, “virtual” return to the 3 Peaks Folk Club last night, only the 2nd one to be held this year.

January was the last one, February being “weathered” out, March falling within the first lock down, then all the subsequent ones being cancelled!

There was no shortage of Talent on the platform either. We had a return of our “Poster Girl”, Lizz Cook and even a Musical “Virgin” from Sheffield in the guise of Rob Marshall, a distant relative, we understand, of the elderly residents of a 38 room Mansion in Oughtibridge?

Rob could certainly play that guitar of his and has a great voice to boot.

It was a pleasure to welcome him to the Club.

Also a first to the Club proper, but not to the extended activities of the Peaks, were:

Martin Bradburn & his Sister, Angie Archer from Egglescliffe, Harold Waite from Osmotherley, Maggie & Jim Marshall from Sheffield, John Dunleavy from Middlesbrough and Lois Leber from Manchester, Connecticut.

All the other Performers on the platform were regulars at the Club in normal circumstances and they consisted of: Ian & Elaine Wood (Pontefract), Stuart Douglas (South Bradford), Alan Moulding (York), Derek & Anne Reed (Bishop Aukland), Lindsey Shields (Dunedin, New Zealand), Penny Excell (Penrith), Lee Huck & Rebekah Findlay (Thornton-le-Moor), Hope Pastel (Vernon, Connecticut), Et Al (Settle).

Even though the Club Steward, Tiger Cokell, had called last orders at the bar at 23.40hrs (We Wish?), we didn’t finish until the “Virgin” had sung us away at 00.40hrs!

An evening of “First’s” then? The 1st “Virtual” 3 Peaks Singers & Musicians Night, the first time a “Virgin” has closed the night and the first time Lizz Cook has seen all of us since the beginning of March.

An all round success, even with a couple of minor audio problems early on that we put down to the Host PC having very rare internet trouble?

In total then, we had 16 windows up, featuring 21 Artistes who delivered 36 numbers between them.

The next 3 Peaks Club night will be held on Saturday 19th December starting at 7.45pm GMT & going on ‘til late!

This will be our traditional “Christmas Special” and will feature our Special Guest, Stuart Douglas in Concert with a full Support line up.

All the usual daft hats, tinsel, lights, bells & whistles should be displayed by all, if possible and Ron Archer has kindly agreed to provide the virtual Sausage Rolls, Mince Pies & Mulled Wine, courtesy of “Busty Baps Mobile Diner” in Egglescliffe!

Access & Pass codes  will be published on the Club website and the Club FB page before the event.

That’s it for the now!

Keep Well, Stay Safe & Keep Singing.

Yours Aye.

Rustic & The Mutant


So positive has the response been to the announcement that the Christmas Special this year will feature a Guest Concert with Support Acts, albeit a “virtual” one, that we’ve decided to incorporate the November “Singers & Musicians” night as a dry run on the same platform!

This will take place on Saturday 21st November with an 8pm start and will conclude around Midnight.

If you would like to be included as either a Performer or an Audience Member, please e-Mail me at [email protected] or on FB Messenger at Jeffrey Wright (Settle) and you will be registered accordingly?

The platform we will be using is the ZOOM one for Music and the ZOOM connection link is 2147539297 with the Pass code 3PeaksF/C

Please note, the Pass code is case sensitive with no spaces or punctuation marks?

If you make sure that you have the latest ZOOM version on your device before joining, that will be great?

We look forward to seeing you on the 21st.


There will be a virtual on-line Event for  the planned "Christmas Special" Concert featuring Stuart Douglas, to be held on December 19th 2020. Further details will be published in due course!


With only one planned Club held so far this year, that being in January, we have had no choice but to put the Club on hold until the Covid Pandemic is over!

As a rough guide to when the Club will reopen, the current state of virus spread is at Stage 3. When Stage 1 is declared (the Country is officially virus free), it will be 6 weeks after that when the Folk Club is back up & running. Hence, from the date of this post and given there is no Club in August: 





Weather Update!

Although the river levels are dropping at present, there's more rain to come from Noon onwards and the wind speeds are 40-50mph for the rest of the afternoon dropping to A stiff breeze by early evening, so it doesn't look good for travel on the roads.

Added to the flooding experienced last night in the Settle area, water is expected to rise again over the next 24hrs making travel very difficult for those normally coming in from outlying areas!

Therefore, the planned 3 Peaks Folk Club meet for the Singers & Musicians Session tonight is CANCELLED.

Hopefully, we'll get back to some semblance of order for the March date of Saturday 21st? Fingers crossed!!


Just reviewing the weather forecast for 21st & 22nd Feb and it looks as if the rain & strong winds are going to continue for the next few days.

Tomorrow shows rain & 40-50mph gusts all day in Settle (BBC) and rain & 47-53mph gusts all day (XCW) depending on which one you prefer?

Saturday for Settle shows rain & 43-46mph gusts all day (BBC) with rain & 49-60mph gusts all day (XCW)

Irrespective which one you go for, it is sure to be a nasty time & towing of caravans/driving of Motorhomes is not to be recommended in such conditions, I'm sure you will agree?

The decision has therefore been taken NOT to go to Low Bentham on Friday 21st nor to Settle (although subject to review on Saturday morning!) on the 22nd.

I'll post an update for Settle by Saturday lunchtime, but it looks as if that will be off also?

Apologies but I can't do anything about the weather!!!



A fair old turnout for the first Concert of the year last Saturday for our Special Guests Rebekah Findlay & Lee Huck. A first rate performance from these two consummate professionals was well received by all there!

A cracking line up of Support Acts to boot featuring: Rod Finlayson, Stuart Douglas, Liz Brook, John Hutton, Julian Hide, Ian Wood, Paul Morris, Pete Smith, Carol Timlin, Elaine Wood, Graham Wilks, Dave Ryder, Arthur Owens & Alan Holmes.

A very witty Raffle as well with the young Guys from the footy team now becoming regular features for the draw at half time.

Next month is Singers & Musicians Night, free entry and all are welcome to strut their stuff!

Date for that will be Saturday 22nd February, 8.30pm start.



A very fine way to draw the year to a close was achieved on Saturday at the Peaks with a cracking Concert

featuring our Guest, Pete "Luvvie" Ivatts, well known Thespian, Singer, Songwriter and Teller of Tales!

Ably supported by Terry Johnson, Alan Holmes, Graham Wilks, One A-Chord, Ian & Elaine Wood, Rod Finlayson, Arthur Owens, Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick and Harvey Lomas together with mulled wine, mince pies, jam tarts, sausage rolls, shortbread biscuits & a tub of chocs, this was the way to end the year!

Pete Ivatts also won the star prize in the Raffle, the giant bear featured in some of the photo's?

He was very proud parading about after the show!

The Club resumes in January with Special Guests Rebekah Findlay & Lee Huck and that will be on Saturday 18th starting at 8.30pm.

Hope you can make that one?

For the now though, we'd like to thank all our supporters through the year and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy & Prosperous New Year.


The last Singers & Musicians evening for 2019 was Hosted by Sue "Queenie" Arnott who presided over a fine turnout of Artistes willing to strut their stuff in front of a very critical Audience! A well balanced evening ensued and all there were well entertained.The Christmas Special is almost upon us and the Guest for that one will be PETE IVATTS, Singer/Songwriter and great entertainer. 

Date for that is Saturday 21st December and there will be sausage rolls, mince pies & mulled wine on offer as well as a full support cast of entertainers to please every taste!



After the fleet set sail for the Med this year, the weather turned particularly nasty and a number of vessels were either sunk or blown off course, thus failing to make the planned rendezvous for the delivery of battle plans!

Added to that, there was some appalling navigating from several Masters who had turned North instead of South resulting in the number of vessels taking part in this years battle being drastically reduced.

However, acting upon orders contrary to those issued by the Admiralty prior to the Fleet sailing, our glorious Commander & his Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, succeeded, once again, to split the Frenchies down the middle by breaking our own lines and ultimately gaining the day!

Whilst casualties on both sides proved heavy, including the loss of the great Vice

Admiral Horatio Nelson, wounded by a stray French bullet just on the stroke of noon and succumbing to his injuries shortly after 15.00hrs. we had not suffered as many losses as the opposition and, by the fall of dusk, the victory was ours!

A grand Concert was held to celebrate at which the Guest of Honour was the Lord Lieutenant of Grimsby, Sir John Ignatious Connely and his Good Lady Vere, who both attended & performed in a sumptuous banquet, followed by Music from a number of ratings as well as a couple of French prisoners.

Performing for the LL & his lady were Lord & Lady Ponty-Penn, Black Hand Wilks

(a privateer), "Loosey" Little from HMS Croxdale, "Cringing" Cook from the

barque Austwick, Peg Leg Findlayson, Master Bates, ABS Owens, from the 64

gunner Upper Settle, Lady Emma Hamilton (doing what she does best?), ABS Arnott from HMS Cowling (caught with his mandolin down!!), "Wiggly" Liz from the Wrose, her acompanyist the bearer of viruses many "Jammy" John Dropsy, 1st Mate Harvey Lomas from HMS Windows as the Guest Poet, and one of the

French prisoners Jean (Jon) La President which roughly translated is

 John Kennedy it seems? All were agreed, 'twas a fine Concert indeed.

Repairing for home ports then, we had a number of minor injuries to report, namely: Master Bates from HMS Clitheroe slipped on a damp cabin boy and severely strained his groin, an accompanying Doxie from HMS Cowling had a recurring back problem and chapped thighs after being severely ravaged by some French boarders, another trollop from HMS Wrose lost her attached mattress overboard, Seaman Stains from HMS Pontefract tore his bellows and last but not least, the Lady Emma Hamilton lost her meal ticket after great Nelson pegged it!

It appears that Roger the Cabin Boy from HMS Victory has been abducted and a large reward is offered for his safe return?

He was last seen in the company of Peg Leg Findlayson, the notorious left hooker from the Brig Thieves of Nelson,and fears are growing for his well being!

The run ashore to raid the French stores at La Ngcliffe (pronounced La n-g-cliffe) proved a waste of time this year because they had not been replenished since last years raid!

Someone must have given the game away?

As a result, we had a good sing, put two fingers up at Napoleon and nipped off back to safe anchorage in Cadiz (aka Settle).

Battle plans for the 215th Battle of Trafalgar are already underway and will be despatched once approval from the Admiralty has been gained.

Three cheers for Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.

hip hip Hooray, hip hip Hooray, hip hip Hooray

God Save The King


We couldn't​ have ordered a better day for this years' "Sally Day" walk, buffet & Concert.

The sun shone, the wind was not too fierce or cold, the Malt was successfully raised & the Toast made on Attermire and Son-in-Law Ben had the honour of throwing his Mother-in-Law off the edge this year and he was well moved so to do!The early evening buffet of roast chicken, hot sausage rolls, sandwiches, nibbles & cakes was devoured in short order by all those in attendance for the Concert

The Guest appearance of the impromptu Band "Erasing the Years" was a resounding success and they were ably supported by Harvey Lomas, Graham Wilks, Lindsey Shields, Hope Pastel & Rod Finlayson.Our grateful thanks to those Guys for putting in the effort.

On behalf of the Band, Stuart Douglas, Alan Moulding and Jeff Wright, I would like to say thank you to all who attended and shared in the memories & quotes of Sally Wright who has been absent from us now for 9 years.Long may we continue to share these special days in her memory & honour?

Next months' 3 Peaks will be on 18th to 20th October and will be a 3 day event to celebrate Trafalgar Day and will comprise the usual fancy dress on the Friday for the Admiral's Dinner and our Special Guest for the Saturday Concert will be the last surviving deep sea Librarian, JOHN CONNELY so don't miss that one!

Full details will be sent out in a separate notification nearer the dates.


A packed house this month for our very Special Guest, MARIE LITTLE, who certainly did not disappoint!

We had a full programme of Support Singers to fill the evening as well and these were made up of Rod Finlayson, Alan Holmes, Ian & Elaine Wood, Pete Ivatts, Graham Wilkes, Terry Johnson, Arthur Owens, Harvey Lomas, Lizz Cook, Liz Brook, Ian & Elaine Wood, Paul Wright, Andy Turner, Hope Pastel, Peter Taylor, Paul Morris, Barry Smith, Phil McCarthy, et al.

Time was indeed tight and a couple of rapidly formed "Big Band" numbers were called for toward the start of Marie's second set, but all played their parts to perfection and the Audience were well pleased with the results!

No Club next month because of Whitby Folk Week but we'll be back in residence in September when our Guests will be "Erasing The Years" and that will be on Saturday 21st at 8.30pm.

Hope to see you all again then?


A very well attended Singers & Musicians evening, Hosted by "Queenie" Sue Arnott for a change!

Some really positive comments were received by those in attendance, as the following will testify:

"Yes yes yes, a fab weekend. Thanks to Sue.xxx" that from Ian Wood.

"Yes indeed it was a great weekend, thanks to all concerned" Jill Chai

A fair bit of spontaneity with all the Artistes as well with new Bands being formed all night long!

Our special Guest for July is the fabulous MARIE LITTLE scheduled for the 20th so that's one not to be missed!


A fine & slick performance this month by our Guest NICK BROOKER, who wowed the Audience with his guitar skills and much home spun material in his delivery!

Although the turnout was low, the evening had all the acumen of the consummate Professional and it was wonderful to see & hear.

Nick will be back in the not too distant because he never fails to deliver the goods!

Great selection of Support Acts as well featuring Harvey Lomas, Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick, Pete Ivatts, Hope Pastel, Sally Brooker & Stuart Douglas.

All in all, great value for money for this Concert.


A fine turnout at The Peaks for this months' Guests ONE-A-CHORD along with their well accomplished Support Acts - Peter Ivatts, Rebekah Findlay & Lee Huck, Mary Cooper, Stuart Douglas, as well as an old duffer passing by!

The whole evening was filled with superb Music & Song with OAC delivering a fair number of new tunes as well as some old favourites.

The Audience was not disappointed and the Club was buzzing from start to finish.

Our grateful thanks to all who attended.

Next month we have as Guest one of our favourite Artistes, NICK BROOKER, guitarist, singer & songwriter who delivers with a quiet confidence and is always entertaining.

With luck & a following wind, he may be joined for part of his appearance by his Daughter Sally who has a voice akin to a Linnet and should not be missed!

The date for that one will be the 18th May.


A very pleasant little Concert with our Guest this month, GARY BLISS from Saltburn.

Easy to manage evening with some great Support Acts from all over the place!

Derek Reed, Ann Reed, Stuart Douglas, The Damned Colonial, et al with a series of impromptu Duets and one Trio having the Craic.

After a somewhat edgy start, Gary got intp the groove and performed with his customary easy, laid back style and the Audience were well entertained. Having said that, it was his first time at the Peaks and that in itself can be intimidating?

No problems later in the evening though and we're sure he'll be back in the future.

Next months' Guests will be ONE A-CHORD and that will be on Saturday 20th April.

Hope to see you then?


Another fine mix of Music & Song for the "Singers & Musicians" night at the Peaks last Saturday! A good turnout of Performers, a mixture of Audience types and a "Virgin" in the form of Lindsey Shields from New Zealand. It was good to welcome her into the "Family". In attendance were Frank "The Harp" Wood, Julian "Minute Waltz" Hide, Stu "Fingers" Arnott, Glynne Davies, Stuart "August" Douglas, Phil McCarthey, Paul "3 Bogs, FILO" Morris, Lindsey Shields, Alan Holmes, "Queenie" Arnott, Lizz "Ramblin'" Cook, Sharon & Ian Stuart, et al. Thanks to Tiger Cokell for the lousy service and insults and for putting up with us all as well as the guy that fell asleep in the back corner and snored his way through the last 40 minutes!!! We trust you got back home safely Sir? Next month's Special Guest will be GARY BLISS from the North East and that will be an 8.30pm start with a small entry fee.


Our first Guest of the year, CHRIS MILNER, gave a 1st rate Concert and sold a fair few CD's to boot!

Ably supported by Alan Holmes, Nick Brooker, Sally Brooker (her first time at the Peaks!), Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick, Lizz "Ramblings" Cook, Paul "Many Handles" Morris, et al, it was a grand night of quality Music & Song.

Chris even lent me his priceless Gibson to do a number on, stating it sounded completely different from his position in the Audience. Not sure if that was a compliment or not??

Next month will be the Singers & Musicians night on February 16th, so we hope you are able to join us all for that?



Great fun night at the Peaks for the Christmas Special this year. The evening was filled with Xmas Cheer, fab Music, mulled wine, sausage rolls, mince pies, fluffy buns, jam tarts and all sorts of merriment! A wonderful line up of Support Acts to add to the magical performance put on by our last Guests of the year: Ian & Elaine Wood, who gave a first rate delivery and thoroughly stunned the Audience with send-up's, witty ditty's, serious numbers and generally some ripping chorus songs. Support from Peter Ivatts, Paul Morris, Sue Arnott, Arthur Owens, Phil McCarthy, Alan Holmes, Lesley & Errol Kirkpatrick, Frank Wood, Harvey Lomas, Hope Pastel, The Honolulu Little League, Stuart Douglas, ribald comments from Steward Tiger Cokell, carol singing led by a passing drunk, loads of laughs and, all in all, a very fine way to end the season. Our first Guest of 2019 will be Singer/Songwriter CHRIS MILNER and the date for that one is 19th January at 8.30pm. Thanks to all who've supported the Club this year and to you all we say Merry Christmas.


A fine turnout for this months' Singers & Musicians Night. Although some are still getting to grips with the new Club room layout, not wanting to sit further forward in the room etc. which caused somewhat of a "split" with half those present sitting in the dark, the evening passed off in rapid time and some great stuff was delivered by those performing!

The problem is that there is no mid-room subdued lighting and we're not allowed to use candles anymore, so the movement toward the stage end is being resisted by those who wish to sit on the "Bad Backs" bench seats toward the rear of the room!

We're working on a solution, but it won't be before Christmas I'm afraid!

Speaking of the Festive Season, our Christmas Special will be on Saturday 22nd December, when our Guests will be The Woods, ably bolstered by Mulled Wine, Mince Pies & Sausage Rolls as well as a host of Support Acts to get us all in the Yuletide Spirit.

Daft hats, Tinsel garlands, South Yorkshire Carols and general merriment will be the order of the day, so come prepared?

That one will be an 8pm start for a change 'cos there's lots to cram in through the evening!


An unusually small number in the Fleet this year due to various reasons but mainly that 75% of the Fleet got blown off course and finished up in the Azores, taking with them Master Bates, Seaman Stains & Roger the Cabin Boy, amongst others!

Those who made it to the actual Battle site though fought bravely and victory was once again attained by the late afternoon of the 21st, despite the loss of our Admiral in the lunchtime melee!

The pre-battle dinner was well received, as was the Music provided by the ships Company & the Band of the Royal Marines (the stripped down version that is?)

The main Concert featured three A-Capella seamen borrowed from HMS Southport for the night and they went by the name of "RAGGED TROUSERS" which was by no means an understatement.

Their singing, however, was superb and the spirits of all present during the Concert were lifted to fever pitch in readiness for the ensuing Battle, all signs of trepidation being dispelled with the chorus singing.

The usual run ashore to raid the Frenchies stores at Langcliffe, while successful in the main, was only soured by the fact that the stores had been earlier rplundered by some passing Scots raiders accompanied by some nasty Dutch sailors!

However, once the party returned to the Flagship for the "survivors session" high spirits were once again restored and the rum ration was cracked and suitably reduced before returning to home ports.

The Admiralty would like to thank Lord & Lady Ponty-Penn, El Greaso Arnott, Lady Rosella Arnott, Ships Cook, ABS Owens, LSM Lomas, Rear Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, Ships Master Ryder, Ostler Coates, Serving Wench Little, Nelson's Trollope the Lads from HMS Southport, Doxie Brook, the Egyptian Belly Dancer for the "Shimmy of the Teabags" dance, Harbour Master Cokell & his Ward Room Wench Lou-Lou, for their hard work & talents and the entire ships Company for their loyal support. Also, thanks go to our French opponents for keeping the fight going!

See you all next year?

Three cheers for Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson HHH, HHH, HHH.

God Save the King.


Rail strikes & distant Family events kept numbers down for this years' "Sally Day" celebrations, but the weather & temporary location for the event meant those who DID turn up had a fun filled & enjoyable time in Low Bentham!

A very pleasant (and less strenuous) walk than normal! was undertaken up & down the banks of the river Wenning, The raising of the Malt & the scattering of Sally took place above the waterfall below Riverside caravan park in High Bentham.

Sally & I had walked this area years ago so it wasn't exactly unknown territory although I managed to miss the rerouted footpath out of the caravan park and that forced a crawl through a wire fence to retake the path after the celebration with the Malt!

Philip & Sylvie Roud from Gloucestershire brought baby Melodie for her first Sally Day and she gave a fine performance of projectile vomiting when we stopped for a couple of scoops in the Black Bull!

All was well after the cleanup though and we look forward to seeing her & her parents again next year?

The evening Concert featured our Special Guest, Sally's great Friend, Marie Little (The Salford Linnet) & she gave a first class account of herself as usual.

The dining room at the Punch Bowl Hotel proved to be a cozy if somewhat oddly shaped, Concert room but it worked in the event.

Back to normal next year in our permanent home at Settle Social Club so Daisy, beware, the usual walk will be held again. We know how much you LOVE that climb to Attermire Scar??

Many thanks to our Support Artistes for the Concert: Rod Findlayson, Paul Morris, Liz Brook, Arthur Owens, Andy Turner, Ian Wood & Elaine Wood.

October sees the Trafalgar Weekend, 19th to 21st Incl. back at the home of the 3 Peaks Folk Club in Settle and the headline Guests for the Saturday night are a trio of Guys from Merseyside, RAGGED TROUSERS, who's harmony singing is to die for, so we look forward to seeing you all then?


What a terrific night this month with Special Guests PLUMHALL who absolutely played out of their socks and gave a fabulous Concert performance. That Nick Hall is soooo good on those guitars that, if I closed my eyes, I would swear it was a certain Mr. Knoffler up on stage. Brilliant stuff! A wonderful blend of harmonies between Michelle & Nick with a fine selection of material as well plus they both led songs in their own right! They WILL be back! The support Acts were well received also by a large Audience and featured Peter Ivatts from Scholes, Ian & Elaine Wood from Pontefract, Paul Morris from Clitheroe & Stuart Douglas from Bradford. We even had a Musical "Virgin" who gave us a couple of ripping chorus songs and his name was Michael Hughes from Ingleton. We trust he'll be back in the not too distant? Remember, there's no Club in August because of Whitby and the scheduled Club night on the 22nd September will be held at The Punch Bowl Hotel, Low Bentham because our Concert room is undergoing a complete refurbishment throughout August & September? Our Guest for that one will be the inimitable MARIE LITTLE, a Lady not to be missed! We'll be back in residence once again for the Trafalgar weekend on the 19th to 21st October.

A message for followers of the 3 Peaks Folk Club regarding the parking of Motorhomes & Caravans.

Firstly, the car park at the rear of the Settle Social Club has been sub-let to a parking contractor and charges have been applied for general parking on there.

I have been asked by the Committee via the Steward to request that any of our 3 Peaks members who intend parking on the Club car park not to arrive & park there before 5pm at the earliest on Folk Club nights in order to park without charge.

This is with immediate effect!

For Trafalgar weekend, which obviously incorporates the Friday, Saturday and Sunday days as well as evenings, a separate rule for Attendees shall be determined by the Social Club Committee at a later date.


Twenty plus in for the Singers & Musicians night this month and a fair Audience as well. Some great Music played & Songs sung throughout the evening. Very enjoyable indeed! Had an old Trouper drop in as well, from South Shields; Tony Wilson and it was good to see him again after so many years! Next months' Club will be on 23rd June when our Guests will be Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick. 8.30pm start and we hope you can make that one?


Great night of entertainment once again and a stunning performance from our Guests this month REBEKAH FINDLAY & LEE HUCK.

The improptu band "Should Be Banned" were in evidence once again, this time made up of Stu "Fester" Arnott, Paul "3 Bogs, FILO" Morris, Lord Gaviscon Ponty-Penn & Lady Diva Ponty-Penn with backing from the Guests to show the band how it should be done!

Support Acts rounded out the evening and these were: Peter "Luvvie" Ivatts, Greg "Smiler" Smith, Mike "Grumpy" Smith (Smilers much younger Brother!!), Hope "Damned Colonial" Pastel, Stuart "Future Star" Douglas, et al.

all in all, a cracking night & the time just flew by!

We look forward to welcoming Lee & Beks back again in the not too distant future.

Next months' Club will be on the 19th May and will be a Singers & Musicians night. Hope you can join us for that?


A fine turnout to see this months' Special Guest, Stuart Douglas, who gave a first rate performance with several new numbers and some brilliant guitar interpretation!

A number of accomplished Support Acts made the evening special and the whole event was most pleasurable.

Thanks to Peter Ivatts, Liz Brook, Paul Morris, Julian Hide, Harvey Lomas, Arthur Owens, Peter Coates,Ian & Elaine Wood, et al.

Next month we have Special Guests Rebekah Findlay & Lee Huck, so we hope you are able to join us?


What an absolute cracker this months' Club was! Singers & Musicians Night full of some of the most gifted Musicians around. Complete with Harp, Mandola, Fiddle, Concertina, Bouzouki, Guitar & Vocals, the evening flew by. Expecting another quiet night after the bad weather & illness among our Members, we were astounded to have a couple of dozen in the room and, without a break for any raffle or the like, we enjoyed 4 hours of wall to wall entertainment and good fun. A communal breakfast on Sunday morning for those who stayed over sent everyone away happy for their journeys home or onward! No camera means no piccies this month unless some willing Volunteer has some to share? Next month we're back to Guest nights until May and our March Guest will be the very talented Stuart Douglas. Miss him at your peril? Date for that will be Saturday 24th March, 8.30pm start.


A new year & a new Page to announce upcoming events and display photo's of each months' Club happenings.

See 3 Peaks Folk Club Facebook Page as well as this webpage!

All photo's will be displayed on the FB page from now on.

This month saw the first occasion where our illustrious Master of Ceremonies, "Rustic" Wright, was unable to attend because of illness, but his last minute replacement, Sue "Queenie" Arnott held things together with great aplomb!

Our Guests this month were the 6 piece "BANDERSNATCH" (you couldn't use THAT name in the States!) who gave a first rate account of themselves and were ably supported, in various guises, by the Liz Brook Ensemble.

Also on this auspicious occasion, we had the Annual performance of the winter drama from the World famous HOLBECK MOOR MUMMERS who gained the undying gratitude of the Club Steward, Tiger Cokell, for all the litter they left behind them!!

The night was filled with wit & repartee and everyone there said how much they'd enjoyed the Show.

Next month's Club will be on Saturday 17th February and will be an open evening of Musicians & Singers. No Guests in February!

Free entry and all comers welcomed.

Starts at 8.30pm.

Hope you can make it?



The bad news for the Christmas Special was that the Holbeck Moor Mummers were unable to appear because of ill health among its Members but the good news was that the Strid Miller Trio gave a first class Concert and with all the Floor Singers & Musicians, we had a fabulous night and a fitting end to the Club programme for 2017.

The Mummers WILL however, make an appearance on the 20th January to act out the Christmas tragedy, so we look forward to that one!

We'd like to extend our thanks to all who have supported us throughout this year and to wish you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

See you in 2018?


Very pleasant little get together for the last Singers & Musicians gathering of this year.

Some very fine Music played and some quieter numbers on the vocal side from those in attendance.

Next month will be the "CHRISTMAS SPECIAL" featuring Guests the STRID MILLER TRIO and the full Festive mini-mime with the legendary Holbeck Moor Mummers.

Mulled wine, mince pies & sausage rolls on offer as well to warm everyone up on a bleak mid-winters night!


The overall battle was somewhat depleted this year because of a bad storm off Brest and several bouts of scurvy causing large numbers of the Fleet to either head for sheltered waters or turn back to their home ports!

These included HMS Blacko (Scurvy) under Capt. Clayton, HMS Drywall (Pump malfunction) under Capt. Barnes, HMS Hood (Navigation problems) under Capt. Holmes, HMS Moortown (Dysentry) under Rear Admiral "Pugh" Taylor, HMS Croxdale (Clap) under Capt. Little, HMS. Aged (Crisis) under Admiral Lord Gaviscon Ponty-Penn & HMS. Sunderland (Broken Mizzen) under Capt. "Smiler" Smith.

However, undaunted, the order of battle was discussed & agreed over Dinner on board the Flagship and Battle commenced at 12 Noon on the 21st as planned.

Despite being greatly outnumbered by the Frenchies, the Fleet fought valiantly and secured the victory shortly after 3 o-clock in the afternoon, although losses were heavy!

The storm moved South & East overnight, which prevented the customary run ashore to raid the French stores and the decision was taken, reluctantly, to head for home waters in an effort to outrun the gathering rage of the weather.

Seaman Stains unfortunately lost his ship's tender upon leaving Trafalgar but the damage was slight and he and his bit of Totty could proceed once he'd been keelhauled for being thick and the tender re-secured.

All surviving vessels made it safely back to Port with only minor damage to decks & rigging.

Rear Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood (HMS. Scouser) lost his wig & leggings in an unfortunate tussle with a female Spanish prisoner they'd taken the night before but overall, his vessel was undamaged!

Sadly, as has become customary after these battles, we must report the passing of our great Commander, Admiral of the Fleet Lord Horatio Nelson, shot by a rogue musket ball by a French sniper, shortly after lunch on the 21st. He expired at 3pm and has been preserved in a barrel of brandy until he can be off loaded onto some unsuspecting Doxy back in Blighty.

Nevertheless, the evening entertainment went ahead as planned, this year led by the Bastard Bosun "Gobshite" Higginbottom, who was on loan from HMS. Stockport. Despite his brutish manner, Master Higginbottom gave a first rate performance and was finally thrown overboard shortly after midnight!

Three Cheers for the King. HHH HHH HHH


Another good "Sally Day" this year with a fair number turning out for the customary ramble and whisky toast on Attermire Scar and then a first class concert from the brilliant ANNA SHANNON and her long suffering Roadie, ROY PIPER.

Everyone there had a cracking evening and we look forward to having Anna back in the not too distant!


A fine Audience turnout for this months Special Guest, Peter Ivatts, who gave a very commendable concert performance full of skill, wit and thought provoking material.

Some well talented Floor Supports included, Alan Holmes, Andy Cochrane, Barry Smith, The Kirkpatricks, Harvey Lomas, Greg Smith, Stuart Douglas and Paul "2 Bogs" Morris.

It was also Errol & Leslie's 22nd Wedding Anniversary, but they kept that quiet so we've put their photo at the top of this months sequence!

Unfortunately, a recent bout of pneumonia has left poor Lizz Cook feeling still off colour which means she still isn't singing out just yet! Hopefully, there being no Club in August, she should be back to normal by September and singing with us once again?

Have a look at the Photo's page for a record of the evening.


A well attended evening for the Club this month, all there being royally entertained by our Special Guests, ONE-A-CHORD!

A fine turnout of floor singers as well made for a fun packed show with a stand-in Master of ceremonies to boot to keep everyone in line. Thanks to Queenie for doing that duty!

Next month we have our very own "Larry Olivier" in the form of Peter Ivatts, Thespian (still practicing), Singer, Songwriter and Comedian. Don't miss it!


A fine turnout for this months Singers & Musicians night, with 20 Performers and a good cross section of Audience from as far afield as Glasgow, Sheffield and Gateshead.

Two Performers experienced their first evening with us as well and it was good to hear them!

The Guests for next month will be ONE -A-CHORD, a trio featuring vocals, whistles, pipes, accordian, melodian, harp & guitar so don't miss them?


Great Audience last night for our Guest, Chris Milner, who gave a fantastic performance as usual and nobody left disappointed!

Tremendous Supports as well with a wonderful array of "On The Spot" numbers ranging from Folk through Country with a touch of Irish & Blues to boot.

We had a fair number of Visitors in addition to our Regulars and everyone agreed the evening was a resounding success.

Singers & Musicians night next month and the date for that one is 20th May starting 8.30pm

Check out the piccies from this month on the Photos Page?


A well attended evening this month to see, and join in with,our Special Guest

Bill Adair from Stirling.

Bill gave a fine Concert and all present enjoyed the evening immensely and all the Support Acts also gave good accounts of themselves.

Next month we have a return to the Club of Chris Milner, a frequent visitor to us, and Chris is renowned for his songwriting and guitar playing skills. Never one to be missed this and it will start at 8.30pm on Saturday 22nd April.


The first Singers & Musicians evening of the year was quiet but still very enjoyable for those in attendance.

A fair number of our regulars were either overseas or down with the lurgy but numbers should be back up from March onwards!

Our Guest in March will be the Bard of Cumbernauld, BILL ADAIR making a welcome return to the Club after a couple of years away.

Saturday 18th March is the date for that one and it will start at 8.30pm. As usual, all welcome to contribute as Floor Singers/ Support Acts in either half to make the night go with a "rock & roll"!

Hope you can make it down?


So, after the chaos of the Festive Season, we were back to some semblance of sobriety on Saturday night for the first "Peaks" of the year.

Our Special Guests "CATFISH SKILLET" were absolutely brilliant and it was a pity that more people were not in attendance to witness their outstanding performance!

They will certainly be invited back again though, and this tiime during the busier months of the year, probably some time in 2019 though, because we're booked up 'til then!

Those who were present on Saturday though, all agreed it was a very good concert and the whole evening was very pleasant.

Hope to see you all next month?



Wonderful Christmas Special on Saturday with a slight change of protocol brought about by the incapacitation of 50% of our Guests Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick! Lesley had a chest infection so couldn't sing and they asked if they could do only a short spot?

No chance, so the newly formed Band, "One-A-Chord" stepped into the breach and the resulting symposium was well received by all present!

As for the long awaited Mummers Play by the Holbeck Moor Mummers: the usual brilliance delivered in perfectly choreographed chaos brought the house down and raised a fine total in contributions for St. Gemma's Hospice in Leeds!

The gallant Captain was played this year by Peter Coates, who accepted the role at the last minute because the usual Actor (Jim) had got the date wrong and got himself double booked. However, Coatesy gave a brilliant performance and has now been approached by RADA apparently who've offered him a scholarship!

(RADA in this case means the "Royal Academy of Drunks and Alcoholics")

The Gang will be back again next Christmas as usual.

We at the Peaks would like to thank everyone who's supported us throughout this year and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

See you in 2017.


A pretty quiet night this month owing to lousy weather & illness in the ranks but, notwithstanding, a very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all who attended.

A nice mix of tunes & songs with plenty of accompaniment opportunities for all to join in.

No grumbles from anyone and the Audience were well entertained throughout!

Thanks for coming over everybody, I had a ball.


After a fierce battle on the 21st the British Fleet, under the overall command of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, along with Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood and 33 ships of the line, proved victorious against the combined fleets of the French & Spanish.

Master Bates from Gt. Ayton had failed to make his getaway from a brief French captivity before the battle concluded, but he will eventually make his way back to England according to signals received on the 22nd!

Seaman Stains proved his worth, however, fiddling and operating the horizontal capstan with great effort throughout the melee, and Roger the Cabin Boy was suitably exhausted by the end of the day, keeping the entire Ward Room occupants satisfied while they relaxed between surges!

CPO Barnes and the 1st Mate Clayton from HMS Lancashire acquitted themselves admirably despite being weighed down with disease and allowed at their stations only for brief periods by Sawbones Bolton.

The following day, despite the loss of their Leader (by then pickled in a barrel of brandy) at about 3 o-clock on the 21st, got to grips with rum rations and victuals in the flagship ward room and sang & danced the night away to the great delight of the money grabbing Mess Steward, Sub Lt. Cokell.

By Sunday morning, after a hearty breakfast aboard HMS Singing Kettle, survivors who were deemed fit enough, undertook a brief foray ashore to attack and pillage the French stores at Langcliffe Ladoc where, after filling their swag bags with much gold and other valuables, returned to the fleet for a survivors celebration through the afternoon and evening.

All in all, a great victory indeed, marred only by the loss of the Admiral but, notwithstanding, there will be a repeat battle next year, October 20th to 22nd where. with any luck, our great Hero, Nelson, will have been brought back to life and will, once again, put in an appearance with his Lady Hamilton and all the Officers & Men of the Mediterranean Fleet.

God Save The King!


It was nice to be back in the Club after the August break and it was fitting that the 6th SALLY DAY enjoyed sunny and hot weather for the traditional walk, followed by a lovely Buffet prepared by the "Pressed Ladies of Hope" upon the walkers return!

The evening Concert with "Surprise Guests" Stuart Douglas & Jeff Wright (yes, co-founder of the Peaks) was presented as "An Audience With" in format and was well received by all those in attendance.

A fine range of support Acts made for a really enjoyable evening which was followed by a very late Whisky Club indeed.

Daughter, Ros Slawson staggered up the hill to Aggletree at 3am carrying her half full whisky glass, but made it safely back without incident apparently!

The rest of us just fell into bed shortly thereafter in our respective motorhomes behind the Club.

Trafalgar Weekend will be next months event to look forward to at The Peaks and the meal order e-mail will be sent out in good time.

For the first time at Trafalgar there will be a "Survivors Session" on the Sunday afternoon & evening for any who have the strength left after the riigours of battle?

Timings for the weekend to follow separately.


First class Concert from this months' Guest, JOHN CONOLLY from Grimsby.

A wide range of material, from ballads to ribticklers, were well received by the Audience and a good range of support Acts made the whole evening very enjoyable indeed.

Remember, there's no Club in August because most of us will be at Whitby still, so the next Club night will be on the 17th September which will mark the 6th "Sally Day" so wear something purple if you will?

For a change, the Guest will be male and will also be in collaboration with another male for part of the Concert. If you want to know who they are, get yourselves along for that!

The day will incorporate a moderate walk starting from Aggletree Cottage (BD24 9LA) at 11am, concluding at the Club around 4pm.

A change of clothes and a bite to eat will get everyone ready to start the Music at 8pm. If you can make the whole day, so much the better?


A very enjoyable evening by all accounts, even though a lot of the regulars were away on other events, the Charity Night was well attended and lots of money was raised for the Charity that Martin Francis collects for!

Don't miss our Special Guest next Month, 23rd July, who is the Last Surviving Deep Sea Librarian, JOHN CONOLLY from Grimsby!

8.30pm start, free parking, cheap beers, usual insults from the Club Steward, Tiger Cokell, and a good time guaranteed throughout!


Since we went to 8 Guest and only 3 Singers & Musicians nights a year (no Club in August!) at the start of last year, the quality & attendance at the S&M nights has improved dramatically and last Saturday was no exception!

A fine mix of Music & Song, a lot of laughs and chat among the assembled Company and a good Audience, supplemented by TWO Club "Virgins" in the shape of Alice Stewart from Burnley and Dave Brown from Tosside (No not that one, there really ARE two Dave Browns in a little place like Tosside!), all went to make the night a real pleasure.

A well attended "Whisky Club" afterwards ensured a late finish once again but it was well worth it!

June 18th is a Charity Night Concert with Martin Francis who is bringing a Ceilidh Band with him, so there should be some dancing as well?

Make an effort to get along and support them for this worthy cause!


Another belting night at The Peaks where our Guest this month was the guy with the voice "deeper than the Marianas Trench", MIKE NICHOLSON, from deepest, darkest Sussex!

Great concert from Mike and the Audience went away happy sometime after Midnight.

Supports from Alan Holmes, Stuart Douglas, Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick, et al.

See you in May for a singers & musicians night?


Stuart Douglas, our Guest this month, was suffering with a really bad cold but, notwithstanding, gave a first rate performance, using a number of alternative tunings on his guitar work and singing those lovely quiet ballads that he's famous for.

Andy Clayton in the Audience asked Stuart at one point if he could at least "make it look a bit harder than you do?" which was a testimony to his very fine and accomplished playing!

A good house in as well led to a fine range of Support Acts, including 3 Club "Virgins" and our thanks go to Arthur Owens, Lizz Cook, Harvey Lomas, Alan Holmes, Andy Clayton, Ian & Elaine Wood, Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick, Peter Aveyard, Mel & Bill, Sue West & Dave Ryder and the rest of the Audience.

Next months Guest is the man with the voice like dark chocolate, MIKE NICHOLSON from Sussex. Not to be missed, especially if you like Stan Rogers songs!


Great first Singers &Musicians night of the year with everyone who attended having a fun and music filled evening!

Despite not getting the posters done this month, there was a fine turnout of Muso's and Audience which all made for a comfortable setting, lots of social Craic and some fabulous tunes & songs.

The after do party went on 'til 3 am so Sunday morning was somewhat of a subdued start! I wonder why?

See you all in March with Guest Stuart Douglas in the hot seat?


A very fine start to the new season, even though it was a Sunday! Our Guests, MORFRAN HEIGHTS, gave a good account of themselves and all the Support Artistes did a fine job as well.

We have now ensured that there will no longer be a risk of the penultimate Saturday nights being filched by other groups or events and all dates for this year and the next two years are now guaranteed for the penultimate Saturday each month.

February 20th is a "Come All Ye" open night for anyone who wishes to sing, play or be entertained for the evening. Hope to see you then?



The Christmas Special was well named inasmuch as our Guest,

Miriam Backhouse, gave a first rate Performance for the final gig of her UK tour and she was ably supported by the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view?) Holbeck Moor Mummers.The whole evening was very Special indeed and the Audience went off to enjoy Christmas with some wonderful memories and songs ringing in their heads.

Mim will be back in 2018 and the Mummers will be back next Christmas as usual!

On behalf of the 3 Peaks Folk Club, we wish all our supporters a very Happy & Prosperous New Year and we look forward to seeing you all again throughout 2016?

Despite stating that this months' Club is a "One Off Sunday Night" in the last post, it has been discovered that the first meet in January has also been purloined by another group, resulting in yet another Sunday evening Club Night!

Apologies to MORFRAN HEIGHTS for this late change, but they have graciously accepted the change in date and will appear as agreed.

We have now ensured that this will not happen again, and the Saturday dates for 2017 have already been submitted to the Social Club and will be entered on the calendar there! All other dates for 2016 will be on the penultimate Saturday as normal.


No matter the weather, and this month was a stinker, the Faithful still turned out to sing, play and be entertained!

Many thanks to all who attended and particularly to Andy Clayton from the Blacko Club for standing in as Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

Remember, the last Club meet of the year is the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and will be a one off Sunday night Club on the 20th December. This is because the Club room has been booked by a Committee Member to hold his Wedding Reception on the Saturday night. The 3 Peaks Folk Club wish him and his new Bride all the very best for their future together.

See you all on the Sunday night then?


Wonderful weekend of gunsmoke, booming guns, screams and shot, coupled with much revelry, music, song and strong drink all made for a successful Battle where the French/Spanish forces were, once again, defeated by the finest Navy in the World!

The Naval Chief Spymaster "Evil" GEOFF HIGGINBOTTOM from HMS Manchester, acquitted himself admirably in the post battle celebrations, giving a first rate Performance for the assembled Crews!

Rounding off once more with a foray into the French stores (abandoned after the defeat!) the entire Fleet came out without too much damage, save for Capt. Taylor, rigging problems led to his vessel being becalmed off Brest and rear Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood getting holed below the water line on Saturday night a few miles from Cadiz! Losses were minor and reinforcements are already in service ready for next years' Battle, 21st to 23rd October 2016.


Great to be back after a month off in August.

The 5th Sally Day was well supported and our Special Guest, ANNA SHANNON, gave a first class Concert. All in attendance were well entertained by this imaginative & sensitive performer.

Funds raised on the night for Yorkshire Cancer Research will be published once we have a total.

Don't forget that next month it's a weekend of music, it being Trafalgar Weekend, and this will be from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October and the Special Guest on Saturday night is none other than the "Big Voice" himself, Geoff Higginbottom!

Kick off Friday with the Admirals' Dinner at 7 bells. Further details from [email protected] if you fancy coming along but are not yet on his mailing list?


Enjoyable evening in the company of Guest NICK BROOKER this month. How to play a guitar without making it look difficult along with a fair number of self penned lovely songs, made for a well presented show indeed!

Many thanks to Supports: Liz Brook, Stuart Douglas, The Kirkpatrick's, John Slinger, Harvey Lomas, Maggie Coates and Peter Coates.

There will be NO CLUB next month. The September Club will be on the 19th of that month and incorporates the 5th "Sally Day" and Special Guest ANNA SHANNON. Don't miss it!


Several surprise Visitors dropped in to the Club this month and it was very nice to see them.A couple from Headingley in Leeds who hadn't been to the Club before had a whale of a time and were made to feel right at home! They'll be back soon, as will Phil Cockerham, who has not been up to Settle for quite some years, gave a first rate account of several of his self-penned songs to show his skill on strings and with the written word. He'll also be back soon for another get together.

Stuart Douglas, The Kirkpatricks, Arthur Owens, Lizz Cook, Paul Morris, Frank Wood and Hope Pastel along with the Audience, made for a very comfy and lighthearted evening indeed.


There wasn't anyone in the Club last night who failed to be completely blown away with this month's Guests, PLUMHALL. They were absolutely brilliant and their material, enhanced throughout with the Bass skills of Ricky Silver, was slickly delivered in both sets. One of their numbers was graced with the talents of the Flautist Lesley Kirkpatrick, invited by Nick Hall to do the flute break previously done by the wonderful Maggie Boyle. Lesley made a first rate job of the task set her and, despite not knowing the piece in question, lent her quality ear to the song and performed with excellence! Supports from Bob Frazer, Ann Jackson, Maggie Coates, Alan Holmes, Paul Morris and Stuart Douglas, the evening was a great success for this wonderful Band & we look forward to seeing them back at the Peaks real soon.


Wonderful evening's entertainment with Roger Knowles. Plenty in the Club and, along with the numerous Support Acts, everyone present had a very nice time. Our best wishes go to Michelle Plum for a speedy recovery and, if she isn't fit for the April date, we'll pull the May singers night forward and slot PLUMHALL into May! Watch this space for an update nearer the 18th April?

STOP PRESS!! 19th March Michelle Plumb has got the dreaded lurgy and is unable to perform on Saturday 21st March! Therefore, April's Guest, the legendary Flatpicker & Crooner, ROGER KNOWLES has stepped into the breach for this month and he's swapped with PlumHall, who will now appear on April 18th.


Just when we thought it was going to be a quiet night with only 4 of us in at the start time, we had a fair number of visitors turn up by 9pm and it all made for a very enjoyable evening indeed. Some first timers at the Club as well as the usual ranks of regulars made for an eclectic mix of Music & Song! Thanks to Reuben, Ruth, John Wilson, Hope, Joe Clark, Carol, Lizz, Arthur, Dave Brown et al. Next month is a Guest night featuring PlumHall. Come early to get a good seat!


A lot of complaints about being cold in the Club last night so we had a run around the room a few times and introduced two rounds of maniacal applause per Performer to warm hands up. That seemed to do the trick!

January is a notably bad month for attendances, but it was a very nice night indeed for those who DID attend. Much harmony singing and limited instruments available led to a plethora of good chorus songs delivered by an enthusiastic gang of singers.Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did?



The magic & mayhem of the Season was to the fore on the last Club night of the year, with an excellent performance by our Guests, STRID, and the mini drama of the dragon slaying by the Holbeck Moor Mummers who were, as usual, masterful in their delivery! The fire alarm was activated (again) when the Doctor revived the evil Turk with his explosive device between the Turks legs, 60 sausage rolls and 3 dozen mince pies, as well as a gallon of mulled wine, were consumed by an enthusiastic Audience and the alternative carols were sung before wrapping the proceedings up (officially) at half past midnight. The customary "Whisky Club" was Hosted by the Coates's and this went on 'til 03.30 when most of those present were falling over!

Some piccies of the night will be added to the photo's page soon and it only remains for us to wish all Folkies everywhere a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year. See you in 2015 we hope?


What a very nice evening we all enjoyed at this penultimate Meet of the Year! A really good eclectic mix of music, song, styles and voices, all topped off with some really good craic. Even some of the Blues were cheerful!

Thanks to Brian, Arthur, Lizz, Alan, Stuart, Maggie, Pete, Carol, Harvey (looking like he's back in Moss Bros. window this morning!) and, of course, the Audience.

Next month is the Christmas Special. Mince Pies, Sausage Rolls and Mulled Wine, so don't miss it?

20th December and featuring Special Guests STRID and The HOLBECK MOOR MUMMERS for this festive knees up.


The Trafalgar weekend was a great success again this year with 36 seated at the Admiral’s Dinner on the Friday night to launch the event. This was followed by an open Singaround & session to include the usual Audience and visitors that weren’t at the dinner. Battle plans were drawn up over whiskies into the early hours of Saturday and the advance scouting party this year was led by Petty Officer Coates who returned with news that the Fleet was outnumbered 3:1 but we adjusted our plans to take this into account!

On the Saturday afternoon we had a surprise morale boosting visit from the last surviving deep sea Librarian, Capt. John Conolly, who’d sailed from Grimsby especially for the battle. He gave a good account of himself during the melee and was finally sunk on the Sunday lunchtime at 12 bells!

The First Lord of the Admiralty’s bit on the side, Lady Marie Little, was the Headline Guest after dark on Saturday, as the guns fell silent and we all hove to for a grand concert. All the ships of the line offered their finest singers and musicians as support and many French prisoners were taken once the rum ration kicked in and fears were set aside!

The remaining Fleet anchored off Langcliffe Bay on Sunday morning for a foray ashore to rifle the French stores in the Hoffman Kiln there. Once inside, a magnificent “Last Sing” was held and we all then made our escape back to our respective ships, arranging to sail again next year on the 23 to 25 October 2015.

Thanks are extended to all who attended the battle, especially Admiral Whatman Collingwood who was last seen sailing his crippled vessel toward Liverpool at a fair rate of knots, despite having only one mast functioning and his foresheets torn & tattered!

Three cheers for Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson: Hip-Hip etc.


A wonderful day all round for the 4th "Sally Day" concert & walk, well attended for both segments of the day and a really tasty buffet before the evening's Concert, all to raise money for the Yorkshire Cancer Research Charity!

After expenses, we raised £215 and our thanks are extended to Errol & Lesley Kirkpatrick who Guested and to all who helped make the day a success.

Don't forget that next months Club is incorporated into the "Trafalgar Weekend" on the 17th to 19th October? Separate notifications for this will be sent out shortly.


Visitors to the website will notice the 2015 schedule is shown above in italics (until the New Year) and we are having a lot more Guests than we've had in recent years? Singers & Musicians nights will still be occurring occasionally throughout the year, but the Guest nights will be preceded by as many floor singers as we can get on before each Guest spot! We hope this meets with everyone's approval?


Great turnout this month, thanks in the main to a mail shot sent out by ANDY CLAYTON to all his contacts from that County that is to the West of Settle!! Thanks to all who turned up and made it such an enjoyable night. Hope to see you again in September? Don't forget, there's no Club next month 'cos most of us are on the way back from the Whitby Folk Week and will be in need of some respite!!


Had it on good authority that Martin Francis gave a rousing concert this month and raised a fair total for his chosen charities from the donations offered. Well done to him for that and thanks to all who contributed!


The 3rd Annual Ride 2 Stride Festival ended on Bank Holiday Monday (5th) with the final nights' music being held at the Club. The Musicians who supported the Festival over the 7 days were tremendous and their efforts and talents were much appreciated by those who attended the music sessions each evening.

A pdf copy of the Festival Report can be viewed here for the full Festival description including the Report or here for the Report only.

The Club night on the 24th was quiet by comparison but was still a good night with some more visitors from far afield.


There we were, thinking this was going to be another easy night with not too many in, when we had the pleasure of a number of visitors from Otley, Bradford, Nottingham, Nelson and Gt. Ayton to fill out the room and give some great singing on what proved to be a very late night indeed!

Musicians and Singers from Blacko, South Cumbria and the locals all made a very nice sound together and everyone left with the music still ringing in their ears, for some for the second night in a row, because the Gamekeepers Special on the Friday night was a belter.


The amazing guitar skills of NICK BROOKER had everyone in awe at this months' Concert. A wide range of eclectic styles and material made for a most enjoyable evening. If you haven't seen Nick play yet, make the effort to get along to one of his appearances and you won't be disappointed!


A quiet but very enjoyable evening with visitors from Worcester, Leeds and Halifax to complement the regulars, all making for much music & craic.


The late visit by the Holbeck Moor Mummers was a great success and, for a change, the weather didn't prevent a good crowd attending, although Santa was delayed on the A65 due to traffic diversions, but he made it in the end!